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Stanley Bendelac


My profession

My books:

2010 - Lo importante no es cómo te caes sino cómo te levantas (What’s important is not how you fall but how you pick yourself up)
Or how to learn to overcome falls

In Lo importante no es cómo te caes sino cómo te levantas, I give an account of the keys for dealing with personal and professional setbacks, for being resilient and overcoming adversities in life. I tell 6 true stories drawn from my personal life and from my professional life, illustrated with “the traps that we tend to fall into” and “the levers that we should use” to get out and be resilient.

2006 - Nunca tires la toalla (Never give up)
Things I learnt in advertising and which apply to (almost) everything in life.

Nunca tires la toalla, consists of fifteen stories from the world of multinational advertising agencies set in Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki, Lisbon, Miami, New York, Johannesburg, Paris, Buenos Aires and London. These are true stories, based on real-life situations I experienced during my intense career in advertising, told just as they happened, from a human angle and with the spirit of enterprise.

My lectures

Giving lectures to a wide range of audiences in different settings gives me an opportunity to share my ideas and experience and at the same time learn, unfailingly, from other people’s questions and concerns.

Some of my lectures:

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