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Stanley Bendelac


"Lo importante no es cómo te caes sino cómo te levantas" (What’s important is not how you fall but how you pick yourself up)

Or how to learn to overcome setbacks.

In Lo importante no es cómo te caes sino cómo te levantas, I give an account of the keys for dealing with personal and professional setbacks, for being resilient and overcoming adversities in life.

I tell 6 true stories drawn from my personal life and from my professional life, illustrated with “the traps that we tend to fall into” and “the levers that we should use” to get out and be resilient.

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  • When an opportunity arises to fill your image with positive content, never let it slip away.>/li>
  • Never underrate the value of giving happiness to other people.
  • When mistakes are acknowledged, they get buried. They don’t occur again.
  • Invest in your image and in your reputation.
  • Always keep your self-esteem high.
  • Generosity should form part of your set of values.
  • Have faith in creativity and in your intuition.


“Stanley Bendelac’s book is a genuine song to hope, offered by one of the leading experts in advertising in Spain. An easy and enjoyable read, it offers, on the basis of cases experienced by the author, wise reflections on human ability to overcome adversities.” Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros. Deputy Chairman of Inditex and former Executive Chairman of Mercedes Benz Spain.

“This is an engaging, enlightening, inspiring and enriching book. Stanley gives us the keys to explain why we suffer setbacks, and how to pick ourselves up. And Stanley, a maker of brilliant teams, instils those keys in us gently, without intending to give lessons, with transparency, generosity and honesty. The epilogue is a magnificent synthesis of the book. Reading his 7 pieces of advice is an invaluable lesson in itself.” Ana María Llopis. Chairwoman of Ideas4all.com, former CEO of Open Bank.

“This is a generous, courageous, lucid book. Stanley Bendelac shares his experience and wisdom, making the reader share in a necessary view of talent and of state of mind. A book packed with great lessons that are exceedingly useful for confronting life with strength and a down-to-earth approach.” Alex Rovira, writer.

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