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Stanley Bendelac


“Nunca tires la toalla” (Never give up)

Things I learnt in advertising and which apply to (almost) everything in life.

Nunca tires la toalla consists of fifteen stories from the world of multinational advertising agencies, set in Madrid, Barcelona, Helsinki, Lisbon, Miami, New York, Johannesburg, Paris, Buenos Aires and London.

These are true stories, based on real-life situations I experienced during my intense career in advertising, told just as they happened, from a human angle and with the spirit of enterprise.

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  • Being genuine sells.
  • What’s important is not how you fall, but how you pick yourself up.
  • The key is to know how to recognise an opportunity. And, above all, never, ever let it escape.
  • Don’t leave difficult decisions until the last minute.
  • A brilliant idea should never win the match against stringent analysis of the pros and cons.
  • The important thing is to spot the opportunity to be had from a problem.
  • When you are about to take a gamble and your reason is struggling to guide you, go by your intuition. Heed your emotions.


“They say that where there’s advertising, the truth shines through, but I never knew how right that was. Stanley Bendelac’s book is one of the most genuine books I’ve come across about the truths, half truths and most flagrant lies of advertising.” Isabel Coixet.

“Stanley Bendelac is one of the most important advertising experts I’ve met. It’s worth learning from what he’s done, and now, too, from what he’s written.” Luis Bassat.

“With his childlike soul, keen intuition and sense of humour, Stanley Bendelac shows us a world behind the scenes as only someone truly enamoured of advertising can do.” John de Zulueta.

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… I don’t know how far down I’ll be on the long list of thanks you must have had from people who’ve read your book “Nunca tires la toalla” (Never give up). I’m just another, well, just another “so to speak”, because thanks to your book I decided not to close down my company….


… I’ve read your marvellous book all in one go almost, and I loved its wisdom, freshness, its lack of arrogance and the fondness it conveys for the profession, clients, the company and the competition. Each chapter taught me something, something I probably sensed but that you managed to express touchingly and in a very youthful spirit….


… It’s been a delight to have your book at hand this Easter. I really enjoyed it. You come across just as you are: entertaining, warm-hearted and talented. Very interesting from the point of view of its high human and professional level….


…The truth is that as soon as I started to read your book, I was smitten with curiosity to carry on reading and, a few pages later, I felt a tremendous urge to get in touch with you….


…I’ve just read your book all in one go almost, and found it extraordinarily interesting, because of the experiences, the people, the conclusions, etc. Because of that, I’m taking the liberty to write to you with a view to getting to know you and asking for your opinion and advice….


…I’ve had a chance to read your book “Nunca tires la toalla” and found it very interesting, because it’s easy to read and because of its “humanist” tone. And I think your vision of the advertising business is patent, because of the projects you’ve been involved with in the last few years. In this respect, it might be interesting to study the possibility of collaborating in some way with our company….


…I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to read your book. I’ve done so all in one go, without giving up! I thought it was fantastic, very readable, enthralling, moving and motivating. It’s been an injection of positivism and drive….


… I’m writing to you for two reasons. Firstly, because for the first time in my life I’ve picked up a book and not put it down until I’d finished it. My father gave it to me and I didn’t pay much attention to it until it occurred to me to open it on Saturday. I enjoyed every minute of it. I don’t think there’s a better word to describe my feelings about “Nunca tires la toalla”. Secondly, because I have a business project but I’m not very familiar with your area of expertise and need some help with it…


...Last Saturday I bought your book “Nunca tires la Toalla” for two reasons. Firstly, because I’d heard you were coming to Pamplona and because of other commitments, I couldn’t go; and secondly, because the title applies is so very applicable to my current personal and professional situation …. As it was, I have to tell you that I “drank” the book in an afternoon; I went over the closing sentences of each chapter and felt much better….

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