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Stanley Bendelac

Consultancy & Mentoring Corporate sponsoring

“My passion for always being surrounded by talent, by good people with intelligent ideas, has brought my new project – Bendelac&Partners – to life.”

Inspired by the aim to create an efficient way to put in motion projects and initiatives with different partners through the connection of my relations, expertise and experience.

Bendelac&Partners springs from my wish to contribute wholeheartedly to the triumph of good ideas and useful and responsible business dealings, to make the world we live in a better place.

The important thing is not the magnitude of the project but its intelligence and creativity; I go by that wise saying: “I do what I like and I like what I do”, because it reflects my attitude, which has so much in common with my professional life.

“If you know where you’re heading, you always get there” is one of the pieces of advice I venture to give from the insight I’ve gained during my long career. Being assertive and capable of cooperating with respect, from difference, has consolidated me as a:

Company director or member of the advisory board of:


I like to develop people’s potential, passing on the insight I’ve gained from experience. And to do so intuitively, establishing a trusting, personal relationship that lets me guide, stimulate and challenge, encouraging people to give their best at personal and at professional level.

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